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Coaching is the process of helping another person  to perform at the peak of his or her abilities. It  involves drawing out another person´s strenghts, helping that person to overcome internal resistances and interferences and facilitating him or her to function as a part of a team.Thus, effective coaching requires an emphasis on both task and relationship.

 The following topics are in demand very often:

>  location analysis in professional or private situations

 >  career-planning                                                               

>  creation and realization of personal processing           

 >  stress-management                                                           

>  exam nerves

>  the fear of speaking in public

>  coping with crisis

 >  reaching goals                                                           

 >  individual wishes for change                                           

 >  problems in relationship                                                     

>  Feedback for managers 



Depending on the situation or special circumstances a coach could take effect as a trainer, counsellor, therapist or supervisor. A good coach is open for the topic the client wants get help for. He or she will use the trained skill of  detection. The coach´s ability to produce step-by step-processes to promote  excellence is one of his  most important and powerful ressource.


 Wingwave is a shorttime-coaching-concept, developed by the psychologists Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund. (www.Besser-Siegmund.de) It includes the following elements:

> bilateral hemisphere-stimulation (cooperation of the left and right hemisphere)

> Neuro-Linguistic-processing

> kinesiological muscle-test (kinesiology: the study of the principles of  mechanics and anatomy in relation to                human movement 

How wingwave works

Having a conflict means to be highly stressed. There will occure a block within the  right hemisphere. On the other hand this conflict can only be coped  with  by the  cooperation of both hemispheres optimally. Naturally stress will be assimilated in a healthy natural sleep during the REM-phase by the eye-movements. These natural reactions will create  new  ideas and  opportunities for solving problems and for achieving goals in life.

 Unfortunately nowadays the stressors have increased so much, that getting over throughout night´s rest is no more fully possible. Plus the REM-phase will be partly or even fully prevented by a restless night or by sleep-inducing medication. The consequence can be that a person feels permanently under pressure and relaxation is hardly possible.                                                                                                                                             

                                                                                                                                                                 The "wingwave" - intervention so to speak pretends to be in a REM-phase in a waking state.   While following with the eyes the coaches hand making  waving-movements, a rapid assimilation-process starts up in such a way that stucked processes will take off in a kind of “turbo” - speed. Possibly the client will run through  more or less dramatical, but easy bearable emotional processes which usually don´t take longer than one minute. 

During the  intervention it can come to amazing “wise” understanding.  The whole process works by itself while the coach keeps an eye on the process and intervenes only if necessary.   During the coaching the effects will be reinforced with the help of NLP-methods - according to individual needs.                                                                                                                             

After the intervention the client feels relieved, sometimes even happy and elated. Occasionally he feels pleasantly  tired  and relaxed, so that the rest of the day should  be spend quietly and without stress.                                                                               

There are three main emphasis on wingwave:

1. Coaching of  "post-achievement-Stress"                                                                                            

This means coaching of any kind of stress-problems which typically occure in high-qualitiy and labour-intensiv occupations. We call it  "post-achievement-stress",  if  it  does not reduce regularly by itself.                                                                                                                            

For example “hard knocks”, private and  professional disappointments, sudden incidents like bad letters or phonecalls or accidents.                                                                                                       

2. Ressource-Coaching                                                                                                                               

In this case the interventions are used for achievement-topics such as increase of creativity, positive self-motivation, self-image-coaching or goal-visualisation as a mental preparation for performances such as tests, examinations or offical entrances.                                                                                                                 

3. Belief-Coaching

This type of coaching is used to overcome restrictive beliefs and beliefs which reduce quality of life. The aim ist to change them into ressource-beliefs. For example the belief “ I am not worthy”.  It is also important to find so called “euphoric-traps” within a belief-system. Their demanding can be unrealistic and willy-nilly leads to faillure. (f.e. “I succeed in everything”) Consequently  the inner world and the selfconfidence becomes distressable. The aim of these interventions is the emotional anchoring of self-strengthening and performance-promoting beliefs.                                                                                                                          

Superiority of wingwave over other methods

Through wingwave the creative part of the subconscious will be reached directly and  is much more included as it is possible with most of the other coaching-methods. Namely while the client keeps awake and able to act.  Tools usually used under  command of the coach the client uses automatically by himself even without to be denoted, in his own personal way. In addition the client is not forced to speak about  his problems in detail. There is no necessity of a “soul-striptease”.                                                                         

By means of the muscle-test the signals of the subconscious are given via the autonomous nervous system. They help to determine the right time for intervention, the optimal formulation of the problem and at the end of the processing an information about the efficiency of the intervention.  Possibly already within one Coaching-session  amazing changes could happen.   Although usually for one particular theme a  sequence of fife to ten sessions should be expected.                                                 

All interventions take place in greatest possible transparency for the client who can realize immediatly while the intervention if he comes closer to his goal, or not. Before the intervention starts method and mode of action will be explained in detail. The client has to be prepared in the best way, so that he will understand the amazing rapid course of inner pictures, emotions, thoughts and feelings. The experience shows that the problem  is assimilated after the intervention and there are no relapses nor postponements.                                     

For whom wingwave is not suitable

Wingwave is not a psychotherapy and cannot replace it. Precondition for the client is a normal physical and psychological capacity.

This method is suitable for people who want high performances, sportsmen and manager as much as for everybody else, no matter if child, grown up or the older people. Nowadays the daily flood of stress, defeats, disappointments or small or big shocks  increased so much, that even the average citizen does not find the leisure to  get clear and to assimilate stress and to develope new life-strategies. In addition negative experiences from the past created restrictive beliefs which cause narrow or distorted  point of views about oneself and the individual life-concept.                                                                                                                                                    

With wingwave amazing success could be achieved. Many people could be led to more selfconfidence, goal-motivation, love of life, ability of communicating und inner freedom.

Part of an article of Dipl. rer.pol. Helga Blume-Matzke, NLP-Master and authorized wingwave-Coach.