Coaching und Therapie



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Finding a way out together

Coaching is the process of helping another person  to perform at the peak of his or her abilities. It  involves drawing out another person`s strenghts, helping that person to overcome internal resistances and interferences and facilitating him or her to function as a part of a team.Thus, effective coaching requires an emphasis on both task and relationship.

 The following topics are in demand very often:

  •     location analysis in professional or private situations
  •     career-planning                                                                
  •     creation and realization of personal processing           
  •     stress-management                                                           
  •     exam nerves the fear of speaking in public
  •     coping with crisis
  •     reaching goals                                                           
  •     wishes for change                                           
  •     problems in relationship                                                     
  •     Feedback for managers
  •     Depending on the situation or special circumstances a coach could take effect as a trainer, counsellor, therapist or supervisor. A good      coach is open for the topic the client wants to get help for. He or she will use the trained skill of  detection. The coach`s ability to     produce  step-by step-processes to promote  excellence is one of his  most important and powerful ressource.
  •    A special form of coaching is Wingwave-Coaching.